Let’s cook our way through your farmers’ fields, week by week.

 About the Farmshare Chef Project:

I know we’ve all had that feeling: We lug our box of farm share produce into the kitchen, set it down on the table, and stare at it, fighting the urge to run for the take-out menu drawer. We know it’s a good idea to support local farmers, and eat fresh, healthy, seasonal food. But who has the time? How do I cook this? How do I even spell this (col-rab-ee)?! Even as a professional chef, I’ve had that feeling myself countless times. The goal with the Farmshare Chef Project is to help you transform that seasonal cornucopia into fresh, healthy meals for your family & friends. Meals that are absolutely delicious, that will make the most out of your share. Things you can cook tonight in a hurry, or make on a lazy Sunday afternoon to nourish you for the week ahead. We’ll also explore preservation options, so you can enjoy your fresh foresight long into the winter months. I want to reward you for skipping the supermarket and taking the road less traveled, which might be a bit more difficult but is always much more rewarding.


Two Field Farm:

My weekly share comes from Joanna Flies- owner and farmer of Two Field Farm in Wayland, MA.  All produce from the farm is grown naturally without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides .  Once a week I help with harvesting on the farm and  every Saturday from 9 – 1:30 I am the Roslindale farmers’ market with the Two Field Farm stand.

For more information about Two Field Farm please go HERE.



About Carey:

I wasn’t one of those kids always in the kitchen with mom – growing up in Southern California, surrounded by avocados & grapefruits, my favorite dish was a flour tortilla smothered in butter. My journey to fresh ingredients happened later in life. One day several years ago I turned on the TV to find a little Italian lady teaching big food lessons: “Stay seasonal, stay local and stay simple.” Before then, my idea of cooking was grabbing a frozen meal from Trader Joe’s. Once I even made hollandaise sauce out of a pre-mixed paper packet, may the Kitchen Gods forgive me. But hearing that woman speak so passionately about good food spurred me into action. I started watching more cooking shows, reading cook books, calling my grandmother to beg for the recipes I should have learned long before. All the while trying new foods, new markets, and new meals every chance I got. I would spend all day thinking about what to make next, or how to make last night’s meal better. This was more than a hobby, this was an obsession. I quit my job & my plans for graduate school, kissed a 401k goodbye, started working as a line cook and applied to the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

Now I have a degree under my (tighter) belt and two years experience in professional kitchens. Along the way, I also accumulated a husband & a dog. I’m so happy that I’ve followed my passion, and I want to be a part of the seasonal & local food movement that inspired me in the first place. I want to connect with people who love to cook fresh, wonderful food – and to help inspire those who wouldn’t know kale from a cucumber. Whether through this website or in person, I want to teach anyone with a desire to eat better, cook better, feel better, and live better…and have a great time doing it.

And a big thank you to Lydia Bastianich, the little Italian lady on my TV who kicked me into action.

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