Sweet and Hot Peppers with Seared Pork, Avocado Crema and Rice Pilaf

I was in one of those dark places the other evening where I was very hungry and very tired – the idea of cooking was stressing me out, but every time I thought of ordering out I felt like I was betraying all the food in my fridge.  So I sucked it up and, as it always goes, getting in the kitchen bettered my mood immediately. This dish is what came of my culinary prozac.  I used the beautiful varieties of sweet and spicy peppers and the onions from this week’s share, along with my Costco impulse buy of six avocados for seven dollars.  I served this with a seared pork chop, because that is what I had handy – but this would work very well with chicken or fish as well. All in all the meal took about an hour, time well spent for a tasty homemade dinner.

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