Heirloom Tomato and Grilled Corn with Honey – Thyme Fromage Blanc

Tomatoes are kind of a big deal.  They have a short season and are only really, really good for that period.  This is why they are coveted and celebrated when they are in their prime.  Recently there have been tomato festivals and events at most farmers’ markets.  The best advice I’ve gotten about using these heirloom varieties, which I will expand a little as it was told to me much more succinctly and in a less appropriate for public way, is this: these tomatoes are naturally very delicious on their own so don’t do anything to take away from that.  So with that in mind, and hopefully staying true to it, I made this corn and tomato salad.  I used the bright yellow/orange “Goldie” variety because I was taken by the color and I wanted something a little sweeter, but any of the varieties would work great and look beautiful.

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