Roasted “Mountain Magic” Tomato and Vegetable Tart in Sour Cream Dough

This tart is delicious, almost shockingly good.  I made one large tart, and then we ate it for four days, and I could make another one right now and be very happy to eat it again.  The star of the dish is really the Mountain Magic tomatoes – they are beautiful, plump, juicy, and flavor packed.  About the size of a large cherry tomato they are perfect for roasting, they keep their moisture and gain a lovely rich and sweet flavor after about an hour in the oven.  These tomatoes when combined with roasted zucchini, zeypher squash, eggplant, a flakey sour cream pie dough, and held together with melty gruyere cheese make a total knock out of a dish.  This is something that, like us, you could eat as a side for a few days or serve it with a green salad for a lunch entree.  If you aren’t as selfish, share the love and give this tart as a gift or bring it as offering to the next party you attend – it will not disappoint.

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